SmartComponent: How to set a group output by a positive edge?

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Hi, I would like to output with a smart component different numbers in a group output. I want to do something similar to:

<code>array of specific numbers = [11,12,13,14];<br><br>IF(input1 has a positive edge) THEN<br>    IF(group output is 14) set group output to 11;<br>    IF(group output is less than 14) set group output +1;<br>ENDIF<br>
Anyone has an idea? I tried a lot without success.


  • Hello,
    To simplify your Station Logic, you can use RSLuaScript SmartComponent.
    You will find it in Add-Ins tab.
  • @DenisFR I saw this on the RobotApps page and saw this notification there:

    Hello, Thank you for uploading your attachment, unfortunately it seems it was not uploaded successfully so it cannot be downloaded, please try the upload again if possible. Best regards, RobotApps
    Have you noticed this?
    Lee Justice
  • @lemster68 : Just test and it works for me...
    Do you download it from here:

    I've noticed that download from RobotStudio don't works some times.

  • I did not try to download, I just noticed that message and thought that I would point it out to you.
    Lee Justice
  • DenisFR
    DenisFR ✭✭✭
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    Yes, the first time the upload failed.
    Are you in the team managing this?
    Maybe we can continue with direct message to not pollute this thread.
  • No, I am just another programmer out in the big blue world.   :)
    Lee Justice