Robot losing position while moving

Hello to all, what would be the best way to check brakes and gears in IRB 6400 with S4C controller. Client is reporting that robot is missing programmed point from time to time by couple of millimeters. Thanks in advance. 


  • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭

    Is the move command using a zone or fine point?

    If a zone it is allowed to deviate from the programed position by the size of the zone.

    Brakes are not used during movements (decelerates and holds on the motors), except for emergency stop while robot is moving.

    I think an issue with the gear would be causing issues all the time as they rotate many times during a movement.

  • Is absolute accuracy enabled?
  • Hi
    I don´t know the application but your robot is 22 years old and I think robot has gearplay. You can check the oil plugs if there are iron particles on it and the colour of oil/grease.
    Also you can make a testprogram and move axis for axis at full speed. Then release the eneble device on TPU and you should see which axis has play. 
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