Upgrading RobotWare 5.15 to RW6

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Hello guys! I need to make the upgrade of a real controller from RW5.15 to RW6.

I read that I need to at least have RW 5.6x to be able to use the build in RobotStudio tool to make this upgrade.

I am not able to upgrade to RW 5.6x for 2 reasons:

1. I don't find any RW 5.6x to download.

2. And because I am pretty sure the computer of my controller is really old and not able to have any further upgrades:

It is a DSQC639 and I think it can only support upto RW 5.15.

I read that I need a DSQC1018 Computer and a RW 6 license to make this upgrade, am I right? I'd like to have support on this.

Is this everything I need to upgrade my RW5 to RW6?

I am a newbie on these machines but always willing to learn and research. Thank you guys!

Also, I have these options on my controller:

Do I need to tell this information to my supplier? Or how to proceed to keep my current options with the new RW?


  • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭
    As long as you have drive system 09 = the one big drive unit covered by a sheet metal cover (drive system 04 is the black cubes) you can purchase a main computer upgrade, and request a new RobotWare 6 license based on your RobotWare 5 one.
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