CAM converter and 2-axis positioner


I am trying to use CAM converter with ABB robot and two axis positioner. Eventhough I create controller with 2-axis positioner in the Target Configuration Settings --> External Axis I see only one external axis. Therefore I wonder whether CAM converter can work with 2-external axes?

Thank you.



  • evasiliauskaiteevasiliauskaite Belgium
    Since I did not get an answer to this question, once again: does anyone know if it is possible to use two axis positioner with CAM converter?

    When I am trying to use two axis positioner - CAM converter does not seem to be able to generate a decent toolpath. However, the same station works if I import externally generated code for two axes positioner. Therefore, I think that my station set up and virtual controller are OK.

     Also CAM converter works if I use only a rotary axis.

    Any help appreciated!
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