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Rename Virtual Controller

I would like to rename some of my virtual controllers that I have in Robot Studio - I cannot seem to rename them. I have tried using installation manager 6 but it does not work. 

RobotStudio 2019.5 (64-bit)
Version 7.0.8721.0594
RobotWare 6.10.01


  • Hi

    I tried it with the installation manager 6 and it worked just fine.

    RobotStudio 2019.5.2 (64-bit)
    Version 7.0.8732.0594
    RobotWare 6.10.02

  • Someone else working on the same project was able to help me out. I used installation manager but I had to open and close RobotStudio a couple of times for it to figure itself out - It couldn't find the controller folder until I restarted RobotStudio. 
  • To maybe help someone in the future, when you open up the installation manager & try to change the controller value. The controller you are trying to rename should not be open in a station. 

    I got this to work by opening up an empty RobotStudio window, closing station that contained the controller, & then renaming it in installation manager.