RobotStudio FlexPendant blank

ConnorLallyABMConnorLallyABM Uniyed Kingdom
Hi folks, hoping someone here can help me. 
We have two machines with RobotStudio installed. One has been running for a few months, the other was only installed last week. On the new install the Virtual FlexPendant is blank. 

Both machines restore from exactly the same backup.
Both machines have the following versions installed; 

ABB FlexPendant SDK 6.09.00 (Version 6.09.0154)
ABB RobotStudio 2019.2 (Version 7.00.8504.0151)
ABB RobotWare 5.16.0005 (Version 5.16.0005)

Both are on Windows 10 1809.
I took a look in the BIOS and enabled virtualisation b ut that made no difference.
I also took a look at the following article and made sure none of the KBs mentioned were installed, which they weren't;

At this point I'm at a bit of a loss, so if anyone can help I'd appreciate it.


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