Error when creating a backup of my virtual machine and trying to restore it.


I've created a Robotware Addin with custom configuration files to create a profinet connection. This works just fine so far, but if I want to create a backup of that machine and restore it later on, it raises this error: 

80001: Invalid IO size on device
The IO device 'pn_internal_device' has input/output size larger than 0. This is not allowed if IO device slots are configured on the device.

This doesn't happen if I load the configuration files manually.

The EIO file I installed with the addin looks like this:

# Network Settings for PROFINET and Signal definition

      -Name "PN_Internal_Device" -OutputSize 0 -InputSize 0

      -Name "DI_32_bytes" -OutputSize 0 -InputSize 32\
      -HostDevice "PN_Internal_Device" -SlotIndex 2 -ModuleID 4

      -Name "DO_32_bytes" -OutputSize 32 -InputSize 0\
      -HostDevice "PN_Internal_Device" -SlotIndex 1 -ModuleID 3
Does anyone know why this happens?
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