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Virtual AC500 in robotstudio

I have a real robot and a real AC500v2 PLC to control some conveyors. This is working fine.

I want to simulate this setup. I can create the robot and the conveyors with sensors.

But my problem is to simulate the PLC and communicate with the sensors in Robotstudio.

I have read that ABB has something called virtual commissioning, which should be able to simulate a PLC in Robotstudio.
Does anyone know if that is true, and hvor does it work?


  • Few years ago, I saw in Automation Builder an option to install RobotStudio, so that the robot project could be integrated in the Automation Builder project, and with that there were preinstalled add-in in RobotStudio, where it was possible to configure signal exchange between AC500 and IRC5. 
    I have tried a few times to get it to work, but failed. Another problem was that embedded RobotStudio version was more older than the latest version available as standalone.

    And at some point later, this option was removed from Automation Builder. So I assume that "virtual commissioning" between ABB robot and ABB PLC is not true and does not work. It's a bit pity.