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ScreenMaker PP_Main / Load / Save

Hi all,

Currently I work on a new HMI and I'm face off 3 problematics.
   * PP to Main button.
   * Load program button.
   * Save program button.

On the pictures bellow you can see the buttons and show you how it works.
When you clic on "Prog_Load" or "Prog_Save", a window with programs file is open. You can directely select the right program to work.
This HMI was developped with VB code by an external integrator. I can't have the source code and I don't have the software to do it.

Is it possible to do this with ScreenMaker please ?
Thank you for your help.


  • Hi, anyone can help me please ?
  • I have seen it done with screen maker - but the list of modules was stored in an array and displayed in a drop down box.
    The array was updated by running a RAPID procedure that read through the directory that the modules were stored in, saving each module name into the array.