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Export real TCP velocity and position during a movement using rapid programming?

 I would like to export sampling data of real TCP velocity and position during robot movement in a specific trajectory using rapid programming. Signal analyser can record the real robot velcoity and position during a movment, I would like to do exactly the same as signal analyser do but with rapid coding, is it possible ? 
Thank you


  • tnixon
    Look at system output TCPSpeed in the Rapid System Parameters manual. In the past I have used a timed interrupt to get the current position (CPos command) and set the X, Y and Z values to a group output every second.
  • @ tnixon, thank you for your reply. I would really appreciate if you could send me an example of rapid coding for such case or even for your case with CPose and interrupt timing. I am a little bit lost.
  • LauraVALDES
    Hello, I would utliter this rapid coding for writing the coordinates real during a movement, could you send me please?