New Station in Robot Studio 2019.5_Paint Application Package

I have the Robot IRB 5500 with complete backup &installed software's in my system  ( Robot Studio 2019.5,Robot-Ware Version 6.08.1040 & PaintPowerPack2019)
I want to create the new Station for IRB5500 in Robot studio 2019.5 from the scratch.
But When i try to create it from option Create from backup it's asking me for PaintApplicationPackage 3.4.215. ( See attached Picture)

Can you help me how i can get this paint-application package 3.4.215 & Where?
i have already searched it on ABB Library but i not found anything.

Your help will be appreciated !


  • nomad5t5nomad5t5 ABB Canada ✭✭
    The Paint Application Package is delivered with the original robot documentation DVD.
  • Ok thanks !
  • hey Nomad,
    Is there any another way that i can find & download the Paint Application Package???
    like from ABB library OR any other source.

    your help will appreciated!
  • KhhKhh Denmark
    I have the same problem that I can't create new controller from backup. I have tried to download the PaintApplication file which is on the supplied disc, with installation manager. it seems to work.
    - Controller => Installation manager => Installation manager 6 => Virtual => New => From Backup, and find the PaintApplication. 
    I haven't worked with RobotStudio for so long time, so it is maybe not the way to do it.
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