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Is there anyway to modify the Motion Instruction in rapid through Application Of ScreenMaker?

Dear All
I want to create the Application Of ScreenMaker. The Operator can use my app to change the value of the speed, zone, tool, and move type. I have changed speed, zone, tool successfully. But I don't know how to change Move type (example: from MoveL to Move J). Can anyone help me?


  • DenisFR
    DenisFR ✭✭✭
    edited April 2020
    Does it change RAPID code directly or change variables value?
    If last, your can make a test for each movement.
        PERS string sMoveType:="MoveJ";
        PROC MyMove(\ switch Conc
                    , robtarget ToPoint
                    \ identno ID
                    , speeddata Speed
                    \ num V | num T
                    , zonedata Zone
                    \ num Z
                    \ stoppointdata Inpos
                    , PERS tooldata Tool
                    \ PERS wobjdata WObj
                    \ PERS loaddata TLoad)
            TEST sMoveType
            CASE "MoveJ":
            CASE "MoveL":
              ErrWrite "MyMove","sMoveType is not well defined!!!"\RL2:="sMoveType = "+sMoveType\RL3:="Should be MoveJ or MoveL";

  • Luan_Phan
    Hi DenisFR. Thank for your response. I think that I will change the variable value on the ScreenMaker app. After I press the save button, it will save the value to my RAPID.