RapidVariable SmartComponent doesn't work - Or how to get object name to the RAPID code.

In order to do some calculations in rapid I need to know which object is first in queue, in order to feed this name to the controller I have been trying to use "RapidVariable" smart component. This does work if I manually press "Set", however if I try to do it with an I/O signal it simply does not execute. 

In short - If I press set, it works. If I connect a signal to Set, it doesn't work. What could be the problem, or am I using it wrong?


  • Maxim RiabichevMaxim Riabichev Sweden admin
    Have you tried connecting a SR-latch before the Set?
    It could be that if the signal is a pulse, then Set isn't triggered.

    So Signal -> SR-latch -> Set.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • I have, can't get anything to work with a variable and set :/ I have done a workaround, so it is not a stressing issue anymore. 
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