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Hi everyone, I am new here, A 4400 robot at our plant alarm with "38209 resolver error fault"(rob1_1) , axis 1 lose the zero point(other axis are fine),then i re-calibrate axis zero position, it works fine and after this it stops again, alarm with "34316 Motor current fault"(rob1_1), i check the Axis 1 mechanical and motor cable ,encoder cable, connections are fine.

Any leads on how to fix this


  • In many cases, bad connections or short circuits of motor power cable was the root cause. However you said it was okay, then replacement of main drive unit or motor itself might be the next step. Give it a try. Good luck!
  • I would agree this sounds like a cable fault - have you done a continuity test on the cables to axis 1?
  • @graemepaulin thnx for reply, Yes i did , everything looks fine. Now i wait till the fault occurs again so i re-do the continuity test in the position the robot stops in.