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Dear All,

You can now download the Virtual SmartGripper. Some details are explained below.

  • What is the Virtual SmartGripper?

               -> SmartComponent for RobotStudio

               -> Firmware/ Graphical simulator for ABB's SmartGripper

  • What can the Virtual SmartGripper do?

               -> Manually move the gripper fingers

               -> Manually attach/ detach objects to the servo fingers/ to the vacuum cups

               -> Simulating SmartGripper's RAPID functionality completely

               -> Calibrating the finger servos

               -> Attaching/ detaching objects automatically during simulation to the servo fingers/ to the vacuum cups

  • How can it be installed?

               -> Until it will we officially released, you can download it from the attached zip folder.

              -> Unpack this folder, inside there is a word document "VirtualSmartGripper_Installation.docx"

               -> Follow the instructions there, there is also an example which you can use directly.

If you have any additional questions/ feedback, please post them here.



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    Dear All,

    After more tests depending on different situatiuons, I updated the Virtual SmartGripper project containing some bug fixes.

    I also built the most used SmartGripper Versions within this update, they are all in the folder uploaded from ABB_YumiGuide. Thanks for updating it in the main post.

    This update fixes the known issues:

    • Loading a Station containing multiple Virtual SmartGrippers didn't work in each case.
    • Loading multiple Virtual SmartGrippers into a Station didn't work in each case.
    • Disconnect Station Logic now just disconnects the SmartGripper from the controller (before, all connections to the SmartGripper were deleted)



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