Recent update(March 2021): Download Virtual SmartGripper 2.3.01

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Dear All,

You can now download the Virtual SmartGripper. Some details are explained below.

  • What is the Virtual SmartGripper?

               -> SmartComponent for RobotStudio packaged in an Add-In

               -> Firmware/ Graphical simulator for ABB's SmartGripper

  • What can the Virtual SmartGripper do?

               -> Manually move the gripper fingers

               -> Manually attach/ detach objects to the servo fingers/ to the vacuum cups

               -> Calibrating the finger servos

               -> Fully supports Smart Gripper RAPID functionality during simulations and during usual control executions.

               -> Also controllable through teach pendant 

  • How can it be installed?

               -> Install the package through RobotStudio's Add-In Tab.

If you have any additional questions/ feedback, please post them here.



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  • Elinh
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    Elinh wrote:
    """I've tried to use the gripper on YuMi but I can only make it work on one arm.
    It is only the arm that I attach to first that works. So it's not particulary right or left arm.

    Someone else with the same problem?"""

    Answer: This question depends on an older Version, it is fixed now. 
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  • samatcha
    Did you make it from SDK?
    Can you please share your source file?