conveyor mechanism

hello robotstudio I am a beginner. I designed a table. How can I turn this table into a conveyor belt


  • dnilssondnilsson Gothenburg admin
    - Open up a simulation with a controller.
    - import the table geometry you have created.
    - Go to the modeling tab, look to the right side of the menubar and you will see an icon with the label "Create Conveyor" click that.
    -  Select your table as "Conveyor Geometry", and add the length of the table as "Conveyor length"
    - import a geometry you want to use as a part that the conveyor should create and move. Or just create a box for this under modeling --> Solid --> box. 
    - Right-click the conveyor in the Layout tree and select "Add Object"
    - Add the geometry you've imported or created. Select the distance between the creation of two objects on the creator by setting the pitch. Set the position of where the object should appear in reference to the conveyors' origin by entering values in the offset position fields.
    - Start your simulation and you should have a working conveyor.  
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