Problems to startup a working station (some controller dont connect)

Ralph59Ralph59 Germany

Hi, I'm new here in that forum

First some information about my used system:


Robotstudio:     2019.5.4 (64-Bit) Version 7.0.8746.0631

Painting Powerpac 2019.3          Version: 6.10.0034.0069


Workstation Dell Precision          Corei9

Memory:            32 GB

Graphic:             NVIDEA Quadro P5200

Display:              4k


My Problem is:

Nearly every time, if I open a station, some controllers don’t connect it stops at starting.

If I first open an other station, which brings the same problem, then I can start that station which I want to use without any problem.

As well I’m not able to close RobotStudio with that station, which have the problem, there I have to go to the task manager and kill RobotStudio.

Did any one have this problem and have a solution to solve, I think, that there are starting some processes before it have to…

kind regards

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