Get Controller ID

Hello  I'd like  to   get   the  Controller  ID  on  which  my  application  is  running.

Is  it  possible?




Oscar Ferrrato


  • PS: I'm  working  on  a FlexPendant Appl.  RAB 5.08
    Oscar Ferrrato
  • What does return? Is it system name or controller ID?
    Russell Drown
  • Hello

    Is it the controller IP-adress that you want to retrieve? Currently there is no such Controller property in the FP SDK. It will be included in future releases (5.10).

    The is the name given the robot controller by the end-user. You see it when you do Add controller to your Robot View in Robot Studio Online. The end user can change the name by right-clicking the Controller node in the Robot View point att Properties and select Rename. This name is independent of the system or sys-pack that is currently running. Several controllers may have the same name.

    Best regards,

    Ingela Brorsson
    Software Engineer
    ABB Robotics, Sweden