RMQ message size limit

egoregor Moscow
Hi, I get an error (41708: RMQ Error - Invalid message) while trying to recieve message (ASCII symbols) from PC app. I found out, that strings more than 80 symbols raise this error.
But message size limit is 444. So, I don't get it :neutral:

I know, there is a limitation for socket recieving for strings (max. number of characters 80 can be handled). Maybe there's the same limitation for RMQ?

Here is my code:

        public void SendMessage(string strMsg)
            //> 80 symbols (not working)

            //80 symbols (working fine)

            //Message size limit - 444

            //Clear byte
            Byte[] data = null;

            //Create message data
            data = new UTF8Encoding().GetBytes("string;\"" + strMsg + "\"");

            //Place data and sender information in message
            sendMessage.Sender = myQueue.QueueId;

            //Send message to the RAPID queue


  • egoregor Moscow
    dnilsson said:
    Test sending a message from the robot to the PC with 80 characters and check the message size of that message when you receive it.
    Not sure I understand you correctly, but message size in RAPID is 80 characters. 
  • dnilssondnilsson Gothenburg admin
    edited May 12
    The limitation here would be the string itself. Try to create a program with a string longer than 80chars and it will tell you it's too long.
  • egoregor Moscow
    Is there a way to send a message in bytes (similar to raw data)? Or should I split the message into 2 parts?
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