Mirror path proble

usstdausstda alabama
Here's my challenge: I have a gripper that has a top and bottom which pick's a left hand part on both sides then applies glue. I need to mirror these paths to use for the right hand. Current method: 1. load robot backup to robotstudio 2. sync rapid code to paths and targets to the station 3. select the path, right click select mirror 4. select duplicate, mirror plane x-z, ref world, mirror orientation flip axis y 5. select receiving work object 6. select use same joint targets 7. sync paths and targets to rapid When I go to check path with rapid path editor it does not show robot targets.


  • jmfjmf South Africa
    What I have noted in the past is that if you use RelTool or Offs functions in your coding a lot, the paths does not really mirror. What you can do is, a bit of a long route, is to make your move instructions normal instructions, add them to a random new routine sync that routine to station, mirror path and resync to raoid then add the RelTool or Offs instructions where needed. Can you post the code which you are trying to mirror for better reference and more accurate answers. 
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