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Suggestion: Montitor SafeMove Speed points in SignalAnalyzer

Programming a robot inside a Speed supervised zone is a real challenge because there is not a way to limit the speeds at the SafeMove Speed supervised points. 
It would help immensely if you could analyse the speed at all Speed supervised points with signal analyzer.
Please let me know if this is something you would consider adding.

PS. All the functionality in RobotStudio for configuring and testing SafeMove 2 is already awesome, but this would be great addition.
//Markus Näslund


  • DavidR
    Agree 100%. SafeMove2 is great but speed supervision is extremely frustrating. 

    When robot is doing MoveJ you have no control of speed supervision and you often end up lowering speed unnecessarily much and you lose cycle time. 

    If you have a program built on logic rather than a fixed sequence this is even more frustrating.