Measure the path's length

I would like to measure the length of the path that is followed by the it possible to do it in someway?
Thank you.


  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    The distance function, Dist() will calculate the distance between two points.
    Lee Justice
  • I know that function but it only gives the distance between the 2 point but not the lenght of the path that the tool follows from one point to the other 
  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    I think that is the best that you have available.  I can imagine that a joint move could have the tcp moving along a longer path than merely the straight line distance in cartesian space.
    Lee Justice
  • j_proulxFBj_proulxFB Watertown, WI USA
    There is a new function in RW 6.09. From the Rapid reference Manual

    2.132 PathLengthGet - Reads the current path-length value of the counter


    PathLengthGet is used to read the current value of the counter that measures the path-length travelled by the robot’s TCP.

    The returned value is in millimeters and is always measured relative the work object.

    This function can be called at any time, but it is advisable that it is called when the robot is standing still to get a predictable behavior.

    The path-length value is read for the TCP robot in actual or connected motion task.

    Example 1

    MoveJ p10, v1000, z50, L10tip;
    MoveL p40, v1000, fine, L10tip;
    TPWrite "PathLengthGet: "+ValToStr(PathLengthGet());

    This example read out the value of the counter that measures the path-length
    travelled by the robot’s TCP. The value is then written to the FlexPendant.
  • Thank you!!!
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