Help me to understand [Mashine Tending]

I sit with HOMERUN (Power pac: Mashine Tending) and get a brain drop. Trained automation technician but not worked with the school since 5 years ago .. So experience is something I do not have, and sit with a used cell and is the 4th or 5th person who is inside and pills in these programs and the last one that made the program has expired from previous programs and cannot answer many questions.

Does anyone have a ready-made HOME-RUN program that wants to share?

How do I use a MoveJ / MoveL movement in the homecoming itself?
Should I define it with a position number? How do I put it in?

Have understood with robtarget p10 etc but then I get stuck .. how do i define all these numbers after MT_MOVEL (110121001,)
And what do these numbers mean?
MT_MoveL 11012001, *, v1000, z10, tGripper;

Understands the principle but not how to implement it and lack knowledge from my side ..


  • Micky
    Micky Germany ✭✭✭
    Hello Amanda96,

    RWMT provides two sample programs in the Add-In Package that also contain a home run.
    Open RobotStudio and switch to the "Add-In" ribbon. Right-click in the Add-In Treeview on "RW Machine Tending" and select "Open Package Folder".
    Open the "Program Example" folder in the opening File Explorer and load the "Injection Moulding" example into your RobotStudio Station.

    I have attached a presentation that I hope will help you understand the homerun concept.

    Best regards