How do I sync another machine with ABB Robot via PC SDK ?

erdyaerdya Belgium


I am creating a shape via MoveL commands (with the pendant) with an ABB Robot that we have here.

Whenever I reach a specific point I need another machine to perform a specific action.

I have tried the following:

- Subscribe to MotionPointerChanged event of the first task (in controller.Rapid.GetTasks()). this works BUT there is a Problem: This event has a delay of a second or 2. I've looked for other events but could find none that I can use.

- I tried to modify the Pendant program and modify the MoveL variable from the PC SDK, this worked and I  had hoped to be able to get the position every 0.1 second, but I was only able to get the position the robot is moving towards and not the exact position in that specific time. So I cannot reliably predict when the robot is about the reach a corner.

I am considering something like the following.

In my current situation I attempt to send a signal to another machine when the robot reaches point C.
Point A ----------------------------> Point C (signal comes in too late)

Perhaps I can add another point B, where I signal my other machine, and anticipate reaching Point C. BUT I am not sure if this would work in a straight line....
Point A -----------------> Point B ---> Point C

So, How Can I sync our ABB robot movements with another machine we have here without delays?

Thank you!


  • dnilssondnilsson Gothenburg admin
    Instead of creating another point B you could instead use TriggIO's to start the other machine  when the robot is at a certain point on the path without interfering with the robot motion and then adapt the trigger point, speed on the robot and machine until they reach the endpoint at the same time 
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