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Palletizing Basics

Hello, I am acquainting myself with the Palletizing PowerPac and am failing to recreate the basic simulations described in the help. I am using an IRB460 controller and the palletizing add-on. My work flow so far has been to use the items in the palletizing ribbon from left to right, starting with "Add tool" and ending with "Check Reach" before attempting to run the simulation. Yet, whenever my simulations run none of the items appear on my infeeders. The flows are showing as activated but the end effector is not moving to pick up any of the boxes from my infeeder. In all of the videos I have seen of this software the boxes appear suddenly at the pick up location, and that is not happening for me. Do any of you have any idea as to why this may be happening or if there is something simple I am missing? I am happy to provide more information if needed/helpful. 

Thank you!


  • I don't ever use check reach, my robotstudio either crashes or it just takes so long to load it isn't worth it.