FCRefForce/FCRefTorque - Deactivate specific dimensions

As far as I understood, the FCRefForce and FCRefTorque commands will assume a reference value for 0 for each dimension that I do not specify explicitly, meaning the robot will move/rotate away from any forces or torques in these dimension, which makes sense to me.

But what if I want to ignore forces/torques in these dimensions entirely? Is it possible to apply force/torque control to specific axes only? 
The only option I could think of so far would be to the set damping parameter to an extremely high value (to infinity?) in order to make the robot stop reacting to forces from this dimension? Is this a feasible approach to this? And if not, is there another way to achieve force control along specific axes only?


  • Apparently this can be done using the \DampingTune parameter in FCAct and setting the damping for each dimension in which we don't want to react to forces to FC_INFINITY.
    Tested this on our system and it seems to work nicely.