Display image with UIMsgBox RW6.09

jmf South Africa
Hi everyone

Can someone please give me some details on how to display a image on the TP Unit with UIMsgBox and UIMessageBox. 

I have followed the manual Rapid Instruction, Functions and Data Types manual but no luck.

Here my system info:
?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>





<Media version="6.09.0154" name="RobotWare" path="C:\Users\john\AppData\Local\ABB\RobotWare\RobotWare_6.09.0154"> </Media>

<Media version="6.09.0154" name="TrackMotion" path="C:\Users\john\AppData\Local\ABB\RobotWare\TrackMotion_6.09.0154"> </Media>



<Option descr="RobotWare Base"> </Option>

<Option descr="English"> </Option>

<Option descr="709-1 DeviceNet Master/Slave"> </Option>

<Option descr="608-1 World Zones"> </Option>

<Option descr="613-1 Collision Detection"> </Option>

<Option descr="617-1 FlexPendant Interface"> </Option>

<Option descr="624-1 Continuous Application Platform"> </Option>

<Option descr="628-1 Sensor Interface"> </Option>

<Option descr="652-1 BullsEye"> </Option>

<Option descr="653-3 ABB TSC 2013"> </Option>

<Option descr="637-1 Production Screen"> </Option>




<Option descr="653-x Torch Service"> </Option>

<Option descr="IRB 4600-20/2.50 Type C"> </Option>

<Option descr="Drive System IRB 460/640/660/760/4600/66xx/6700"> </Option>

<Option descr="ADU-790A in position X3"> </Option>

<Option descr="633-4 Arc"> </Option>

<Option descr="ESAB AristoMig integrated"> </Option>

<Option descr="815-2 WeldGuide MultiPass"> </Option>

<Option descr="657-1 SmarTac IO version"> </Option>




<Option descr="Track Motion x004 Base"> </Option>

<Option descr="IRBT 4004 Type A 10.9 m"> </Option>

<Option descr="Standard carriage In line"> </Option>



Here the code I have tried:

Note. I have the image in png,gif and jpeg already in the Home Directory of the Controller.

VAR num nDummy;
VAR string sRing_5051989_Rot_Speed:="Ring5051988";
CONST string btnAcknowledge{2}:=["OKAY",""];
nDummy:=UIMessageBox(\Header:="UIMessageBox Header"\Icon:=iconInfo\Image:=sRing_5051989_Rot_Speed);
UIMsgWrite "",""\Image:="Home/Ring5051988";

I just want a simple image displayed of the Current Part selected before procedure start.

Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

  • DenisFR
    DenisFR FRANCE ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    VAR string sRing_5051989_Rot_Speed:="Ring5051988";
    Should be:
    VAR string sRing_5051989_Rot_Speed:="Ring5051988.png";


  • DenisFR
    DenisFR FRANCE ✭✭✭
    Did you test:
    nDummy:=UIMessageBox(\Header:="UIMessageBox Header","Some Text"\Image:=sRing_5051989_Rot_Speed);

  • jmf
    jmf South Africa
    DenisFR said:
    Did you test:
    nDummy:=UIMessageBox(\Header:="UIMessageBox Header","Some Text"\Image:=sRing_5051989_Rot_Speed);


    Just tested it and still not showing the picture.

    I did make sure the picture is to recommended size (pixels).

    Could this be because I am using it on the VC and not on the RC?

  • jmf
    jmf South Africa
    Cool it works thanks.

  • lemster68
    lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    I had tried using UIListView in this way about two years ago, it did not work for me.
    Lee Justice