failed to initialize virtual flexpendant

Robotnisse Sweden

I have some problems when i try to open the flex pendant. If i run into errors while programming with arcweldpowerpack the system puts itself in manual mode. so i cant do anything untill i put it over to auto, but that requires me to acknowledge it in the vp.

Have done several programs and never had this problem before, Started to happend when i uprgraded to the newest rs and put in the special offer license, same with the aknowledgement thing, never seen that and i have run into several errors before :(

this messeage occour when i try to open:

its in swedish, but it is complaining about "invalid character" line 6 position 110, attached an image of the system.xml aswell


  • Robotnisse
    Robotnisse Sweden
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    guess it have to do with that i used swedish characters in the naming of the station, next time i program im going to use the original file and save it under a different name, becaus when i open that file and enters the vp it works just fine. not sure about the acknowledge thing tho, but since i havent seen that before i guess its lnked to the misspelling
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