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So I have a background task that is not a motion task that I need to make a change to the program. So in RobotStudio I click on RAPID Tab - Go to Test and Debug section and click on the drop down for Selected Tasks.
I deselect the Main task or normal task and then select my background task.
I then click on the Stop drop down and select Stop all Selected. This stops my background task so I can make changes.
Then I want to start my background task running again, normally I would just click the Start button, if the motors were on. But in this case a e-stop or Auto-stop...etc is pressed. 
So now I cant restart my background task until the motors are on.

I would think that if this is not a motion task and I don't have any motion tasks selected that I should be able to start the background task regardless if the motors are on? My solution for now is that I just reboot the controller, because I am not able to clear the E-stop or Auto-stop for a while, but I want my background task running so I can test it.

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  • Hello David,

    R&D from both the robot controller and RobotStudio side will investigate if this functionality request is possible to implement in a future release.

    Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • lemster68
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    Put it into simulated motion mode, you can still start even while e-stopped.
    Lee Justice