RobotWare CD 5.08

I recive a IRC5 controler whith a 140 Robot, ABB send the robot the controler but don't send de CD's whith RobotWare 5.08 I can't connect to controler whith my RobotStudio Online to program by PC.

Were I can found the robotWare 5.08???


Best regards,

Joao Fidalgo


  • Contact your local ABB support office.
    Russell Drown
  • Hi
    Be aware of that when you order a new Robot there is an option if you want the RobotWare boot package.
    Maybe that's why you can't find it.
    Per Svensson
    Robotics and Vision Specialist
    Consat Engineering
  • The problem is solved, I contact the tecnical Suport and they give me a copy of a CD with RoboStudio Online 5.08 in 24hours. If the robot have a robotware version grather then RoboStudio Online you can see the controler but he is lock in robostudio online!