Error Starting RAB project on RobotStudio

JaaahhhJaaahhh Netherlands


I am using Robotstudio 5.08.2028.1009 and want to test a RAB file. When I placed the *.gtpu.dll and the *.dll in the directory of the robot and want to start the application I'll get the following error. I do not have this problem on a real controller.

Can someone help me with this problem?



  • RussDRussD United States
    What version of RAB was your application compiled with? What version of RW is your system built with?
    Russell Drown
  • JaaahhhJaaahhh Netherlands


    FlexPendant SDK 5.08, and RobotWare 5.08.

    Is this enough for u?

    Best Regards,

  • RussDRussD United States

    Check this posting to see if this is the problem you are experiencing.

    If this doesn't help, can you post all of the exception text from the FlexPendant, i.e. scroll down the screen further? Also, you may be able to use the Visual Studio debugger to step through the code to see where it is breaking.

    Also, you might want to re-post this in the RAB forum to ensure that more RAB users see the post.

    Russell Drown
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