Pick Master 3 Serial Communication Issue With Industrial PC

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Hello All,
I am currently testing 2 NEW IRB-360's with IRC5 controllers, w/
- Pickmaster3 Installed On iPC, functioning correctly.
- AB CompaqLogix PLC working perfectly with both IRC5 Controllers and conveyors.
- Schneider HMIGTU panel
- Option Ethernet/IP 841-1 Installed.
- iPC is a B&R 910 iPC with 2 Configurable RJ-45 Ports (1 Used for Robots 1,2) DB-9 Port available for RS-232 i RJ-45 Port available. .

My situation: How can I control pickMaster3( Open Project, Close ,Start,  Stop... ?
I have read the PM3 User manual section on RIS and selected option TCP/IP
The program has been configured and default values are used for all project and robot commands. 
Does anyone have a sample of the code required to provide this functionality. I have tried tech support but they don't have any information to provide.

Thanks In Advance 


  • MarkusEnberg
    MarkusEnberg Sweden
    edited October 2020
    Hi, if you look in the pickmaster manual there is a chapter regarding RIS2 API, for example:

    Starts a project.

    Returns project status message.

    HTTP Method



    projectpath: the path to the project to start.

    Usage example:

    Request URL:

    "http://somehtmladdress.com/pickmaster/startproject/ ?projectpath=C:\PMProjects\Project1.pmproj"


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>