WaitTime and Simulation time

I have a doubt about simulation time: I should write some data on a txt file each 30 minutes of simulation and I am doing this with a parallel task where I put the instruction WaitTime 1800. But, is that time related to the simulation one or not? Because I noticed that simulation time does not run fast as "real-life" time (I mean one second of simulation last more than 1 second in real life, this is probably due to my computer performance), so if the time counter of the instruction WaitTime is different from the simulation one, then I will not save data each 30 min of simulation but each 30 min of time in real life....Do you know how this stuff works? And, in case they are different time, how can I use simulation time?
Thank you!


  • veritas
    veritas Mullsjö, Sweden
    Your hardware may give you some lag. The WaitTime 1800 will last for the specified time. It will not be affected by lag.