IRC 5 Controller Problem

Amelie Turkey
Hello Everyone.
I Have IRB6700 Robot and My Controller is IRC 5.
My Problem;

" W    Hardware            34401    DC link voltage too low warning          2020-06-19 15:00:50 In drive module 1, the drive unit at unit position 1 has a DC link voltage that is close to minimum limit. {args: "1", "1"} "

The robot works but gives warning. What should I do. I measured the voltages, but I did not see any problems. I may still be wrong. What should I consider when measuring. And could something else be the source of the problem?


  • innebandy
    innebandy Korea, South ✭✭
    Root cause: The incoming mains voltage to the rectifier unit is out of specification. If the voltage is okay, Check all internal 3-phase components (main switch, mains filter, fuse, contactors) and cabling in the drive module. The last is to replace the Main Drive Unit.