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HChavez Mexico
Hello everyone,

I recently been working on a IRB4400, irc5 controller, and i have been able to erase all the alarms that the event log showed me and I can control the robot in manual mode, but when I try to use it on Automatic, it throws me 20074, when I try to run the program and if i let it without running anything, it throws me alarm 20221.

I already check the run chain cables and everything is fine but it keeps showing this alarm and the Light that indicates that the controller mode, is pulsing, even though it's on automatic mode.

I'll be really grateful if you could help me.



  • lemster68
    lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    Did you turn the motors on?
    Lee Justice
  • HChavez
    HChavez Mexico
    The problem was solved, it seems that the plug X9 that gos from the selector and the panel board had false contact and all the signal from auto didn't reach the Panel Board.
    Thank you all.