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The system service port that RobotStudio emulates is always changing, not the 80 in the documentatio


What do I need to set the service port number to be fixed at 80?



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    According to the prompts in the video, I added listenSecure-1 in AppWeb. conf, which led to the failure of startup of the simulation robot. After note, it can start normally
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    You are at the right place, you should modify appweb.conf. But you have mixed things up a bit. 

    Listen -1 ==> Is for HTTP connection. Defaults to 80 if you don't have any server running on localhost port 80 that interfere then it will assign a random port. If so the specify the port manually by exchanging -1 to the port number you wish to use instead.

    ListenSecure 666 ==> Is used for HTTPS which normally uses port 443 not port 80. Using -1 here will result in a random port assignment so specify the port you wish to use here (not port 80). 


    For HTTP:
    Change "Listen -1" to "Listen 6767" to have the VC always listen on port 6767.

    For HTTPS:
    Change "ListenSecure -1" to "ListenSecure 6767" to have the VC always listen on port 6767.

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