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Error while running Multitask on Auto Mode

Hello everyone,
I've been trying to program multitasks on RobotStudio but everytime I change from manual to auto the controller shows a message

"Automatic mode has been selected.
Program pointer will be reset to main.
background tasks will be started.

First acknowledge and then tap ok.
To cancel, switch back to MANUAL."

After I acknowledge and press ok it shows another message.

"Automatic mode acknowledge was rejected by the controller.

Please enter Manual mode and reset all conditions that will affected when entering Automatic mode.

To cancel, switch back to Manual."

Even though i haven't even program the background task,

Is there any configuration or any step that I missed before running a multitask program?

Best Regards


  • lemster68
    lemster68 ✭✭✭
    I am not certain about the multi tasking part of the issue, it may or may not be the cause.  Go to system settings, controller, ALLDEBUGSETTINGS, make FALSE.
    Lee Justice
  • HChavez

    Thank you, it worked, now I can run Multitask.

    Best Regards.
  • jarnok
    I know this is an old topic, however I am stuck with the same problem. I checked the ALLDEBUGSETTINGS, but this is already false. Any suggestions of what else the solution could be?
  • lemster68
    What is the trustlevel of the task?  Also, is in normal, static or semi-static?
    Lee Justice