Tool Compensation

Hello to all Members and Admin..
First i am sorry in advance for a lengthy message but aim is to fully clear the picture.
I am working on a project of robotic drilling and riveting. first the job assembly will be drilled then will be moved to next station for pop riveting and will be fitted on a new fixture. Due to mechanical fixtures there always comes some offset problem. Drilled holes assembly is when refitted on a new fixture for riveting. The holes position changes with some offset.
A friend of mine working on panasonic robots claims there is a function of tool compensation in panasonic robot so program designed for drilling can also be used for riveting by doing some tool compensation techniques. First taking some reference point then move robot in x and y axis . the robot itself calculates the compensation factor. and can automatically adjust itself to the drilling program.
I am hopeful that if this option is available in panasonic there will for sure be some technique in ABB also to counter this issue.
any help, as i have to re-write the whole program again for riveting.


  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    I expect that you have a tcp for both the riviter and the drill.  You should have a workobject for both fixtures.  If the workobject and TCP's are very good, you can substitute the riviter tcp for the drill tcp.
    Lee Justice
  • lordsikanderlordsikander pakistan
    yes the defined TCP's for both the tool and workobject are very good. Still for an offset of upto 2mm, it is not exactly picking the drilled holes.
  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    I should have mentioned to change the workobject also.  If they are all off in the same amount, I would adjust the workobject to make it line up, possibly the TCP, but I would verify it as good or not first.
    Lee Justice
  • lordsikanderlordsikander pakistan
    got your point, thanks for your time. i ll re-confirm both the tools tcp and will check for the differences. then will go for workobject. 
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