Event after Estop

Hi all I'm relatively new to robots so go easy. 

I have a 6640 IRC5 robot which works with some external devices which are switched on/off by a digital output. There are e-stop buttons / laser scanner which, when triggered, e-stop the robot and external devices via a safety relay. 

Once cleared I have to manually cycle the digital output to restart the external devices before restarting the robot program. I want to be able to trigger a routine which runs after the estop has been reset and run pressed on the pendant but before the program returns to where it was in the program and commences movement. 

I've had a look for event routines in the manual I have but it doesn't seem to be covered. Can someone point me in the direction of the right reference manual or another way of achieving this?



  • Technical reference manual- System parameters 3HAC050948-001Revision:M Starts Page 134

  • Apologies for the delay in reply, got distracted by other things! Thanks for sharing the information!