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I am working with MutiMove System. I am trying to figure out witness mark or calibration mark on the rotating axis (Turn table) MID 1000 gear unit. 

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  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    Did you look in the product manual?
    Lee Justice
  • DPatelDPatel Canada
    Yes, I have check in the product manual. I had chat with ABB Application specialist but he told me that

     ''Occurs to me that the MID is a gearbox with no faceplate, and as such is nothing but a rotating bolt flange and likely has no witness mark. There should be position indication however, operating on a cam to indicate the position of the shaft. I expect this will show up in your IO window as inputs diLSInpos 1 and 2. The zero or fine calib would normally be done when the table is at position 1 facing the robots (this is normal for ABB positioners at least). There will be a milled groove on the top of the casting, but I don’t believe there is a corresponding notch on the rotating flange. I don’t recall offhand, and the manual does not have that information I’m afraid. You will likely want to make some mark on the table you have built to correspond to the groove on the MID, as again you will want a repeatable reference for calibration for the table''

    I have checked on the flexpendent for the diLSInpos 1 and 2 but not able to find those. 

    One strange thing is happening that my Rotating external axis (MID 1000) is showing me values in Degrees. But when i jog the axis the even after a full turn it shows me 470 Degrees.  I am afraid it is the real angle values or just the distance in mm from my zero point?

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  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    In your MOC.cfg you will want to see axis type ROT or FREE_ROT.  I would suggest the same procedure for rev counters.  Make your own mark and make sure that it is not ambiguous, one would clearly see that is what it is.  Do you mean only one full turnof 360 degrees shows a value of 470?  Or did you go past 360 to the limit of rotation?
    Lee Justice
  • DPatelDPatel Canada
    it goes past 360 limit of rotation
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