Hello All,

Does anyone have an idea about how to overcome this Event message # 50411. Which says maximum allowed programmed tcpload exceeded. (Mig Welding IRB 1660ID)

I checked in my tool data the mass value is showing 1.3, however robot can handle up to 4kg. 

Its not allowing to me run my BullsEye routine becasue of this error.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Tahnks in advance!


  • DenisFR
    DenisFR FRANCE ✭✭✭
    Robot can handle up to 4Kg with CoG at tool0.
    Where is your center of gravity?
    Can you past your tool definition here?
  • DPatel
    DPatel Canada
    You are right my CoG Values were so high which led robot think that the load is exceeding. I reduced those values and my errors are gone now.

    Although, I am using BullsEye for the first time i defined positions from the manual and when i ran the routine it says '' Bullseye failed to locate beam orientation '' What does it mean? Should i consider re-modify my startpos?

    Thank you  
  • DenisFR
    DenisFR FRANCE ✭✭✭
    Sorry, I don't know this option.
    For your LoadData, an easier way to identify the tool load or payload is to use the interactive dialogue RAPID program LoadIdentify. This program can be started from the menu ProgramEditor/Debug/Call Routine.../LoadIdentify.
    So you can run it to get real LoadData.

  • graemepaulin
    graemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭
    With the Bullseye issue - have you checked the digital input is changing when the beam is broken (hold your hand there)?
    Is the signal named correctly?
  • DPatel
    DPatel Canada
    Hi Thanks for your reply.

    Yes I have checked signal its on when breaking the beam.  It named as diBE_Sense  in the routine for BE_User (For Bulls Eye) 

    The problem i am having is that when i run the routine it does the default motions and at certain point it stops and generates the error that Coul not find the beam orientation, Check scanning device.

    Please FInd the images that i have attached.  I didn't fixed my bulls eye device yet as i am not able to calculate the TCP.

    Any Feedbacks would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

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