Joystick Disable

Hello everyone, 
We started having problems with the flexpendant, we don't know what was the root cause but the joystick got disable.

We tried to calibrate but when it asks for the upper position, it wont change to the next instruction and wont finish the calibration.

Any idea of what possibly cause this?
Is there anyway that we can change the joystick instead of changing the flexpendant as it suggest the flex?


  • graemepaulin
    graemepaulin New Zealand mod
    edited August 2020
    If the recalibration of the joystick is not finishing it would indicate an issue with the joystick - but this error can also be caused by something holding the joystick out of the zero position on start up.
    So if you ensure there is nothing touching the joystick and then restart the controller it should start up without error - if this was the cause.

    The joystick is available as a spare part, the spare part number is 3HAC028357-026.
  • HChavez
    HChavez Mexico
    I made work, the joystick and clean it up, and that's it.
    Thank you so much
    MMIKT Germany

    i am having a similiar Problem and i am currently wondering how you got into the joystick calibration menue.

    I can not find anything in the manual, and on the FlexPendant itself i can only find the touchscreen calibration. In another thread i heard something about a combination of joystick moves, but i am not sure if that applies for this model.

    it would be really nice if you could tell me how to enter the joystick calibration menue!

    Thanks in advance!