Drive Unit Temperature Warning, 39467

lordsikander pakistan
Hello to members.
yesterday i was working on abb, and it suddenly give warning "drive unit temperature warning, 39467".The temperature has risen above above the warning level in drive number "1".  The probable causes mentioned for that i have cross checked 2,3 times. fans are ok, ambient temperature was ok. no hard acceleration issue. 
study the material i found a manual for S4C Plus controller mentioning PTC thermal supervision. Unfortunately i don't have "circuit diagram" pdf manual for IRC5. if some one please share i ll have a look for PTC settings, and connection from motor to IRC5 panel board. should i have to check the PTC hardware at the "axis 1" motor side also.
any other hint for the mentioned alarm, if someone can share. 


  • blueberry
    blueberry United States
    There you go, hope this helps.  The PTC monitors motor temp, I am not sure if it monitors the drive temp or not.
  • lordsikander
    lordsikander pakistan
    i have measured the PTC value at contactor board X5 connector  pins 1 and 2. its value remains same (400 ohms) irrespective of alarm. apparently seems no problem at PTC end. i am not getting the point where else temperature sensor could be or how to dealt with this scenario. Software end I restore an old backup.  to verify that may be something goes wrong at software side. but i am not getting to prime reason.
    any help pleaseee..
  • Are you sure its not overheating? I had this same issue a couple of months ago and ended up doing a deep clean of the inside of the cabinet and it resolved the error. 
  • i did checked best to my end. if you kindly elaborate "deep clean" i will once again go for this step. cause i am stuck on my project due to this issue.
  • replaced the fans, the filters, blew out the cabinet to remove all remaining dust