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Keep TCP orientation when using object frame in vision system

I'm using integrated vision to locate and pick up parts. Location of part is given to robot by moving the object frame like this:  wCam.oframe:=camTarget.cframe; and then robot is moved to that position with Offs command: MoveL pPickObject,vFast,fine,tGripper\WObj:=wCam;

The problem is that as the parts I'm picking are round there is no need to rotate the tool when picking them up so how can I make it so that the tool won't rotate? I want to keep it in specific angle to minimize change of collision.


  • Break it down to just the pos:  wCam.oframe.trans:=camtarget.oframe.trans;
    Lee Justice
  • That gives error: Reference to unknown component oframe.
  • In your post was this:

    I assumed that camtarget.cframe; was a typo for .oframe, was I wrong?  or is your data .cframe?
    Lee Justice
  • Yes it is cframe there is no typo.
  • I found the solution to this myself and it was quite a simple one. There was a possibility to send an constant angle to robot from integrated vision so that solved the problem.
  • We have the exact opposite going on ours is picking up detail the same every time out of a feeder bowl that isn't very consistant and we would like to also pick up a detail at 180 degrees for faster pick ups