Disable "Max time expired" warning in event log

Geoffrey_BornyGeoffrey_Borny Roeselare
edited August 24 in RAPID Programming
Is there a way to disable this message from being added to the event log.
I need the max time on the waitwobj instruction to do some checks in the error handler, but I don't want this message to spam the event log.

40538: Max Time Expired


Task: T_ROB1.The programmed waiting time has expired.Program ref: /M_Motion/Place_ConveyorTracking/WaitWObj/90.



  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    Are you using TimeFlag?  Like this:

        WaitUntil diClosed_A=0\MaxTime:=2\TimeFlag:=bAdvancedFlag;
        IF bAdvancedFlag RAISE erStillAdvanced;

    If that optional argument is available for WaitWobj.
    Lee Justice
  • Geoffrey_BornyGeoffrey_Borny Roeselare
    Yes, this optional argument is available for WaitWobj.
    I will try to add it and see if this solves my problem. 
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