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Video recording is not

Hello everyone,
It working just fine, but I can't record video.
It looks like video recording starts, robotstudio ar logo appears on screen and it looks like its working, but when I tap on screen to finish video, it just shows record button and recording again is not working.
App has approved access to all.
I have Samsung A70 with last android.
Take a picture is working as it should.
Thank you for any ideas.


  • Ekhi
    Hello Josef,
    When you tap on the screen to finish video, a dialogue box is supposed to appear to save the video in your device. Do you have a file manager installed ? When you take a picture, are you able to share/save it ? It might take some time before the dialogue box appear, could you try it recording a very short video ?
    Other question : could you check if the app is updated (version 1.2) ?