Work Objects From Virtual Controller Not Syncing to Station Correctly

Good day

I have a virtual controller that is part of a station. 

When syncing data from real robot back-ups back into the station, some work objects are synced correctly while others show an entry in "Paths&Targets" but all the data shows the  work object being identical to wobj0 i.e. an entry is created in the station but the data not transferred properly from the robot code.

I cannot seem to find a significant difference between the work objects that are synced correctly and those that are not. They are all defined in the same file within the same task.

Previous posts on this topic indicate that the work object must be used in a movement instruction directly to be correctly synced. Making this change however has no effect. 

One solution is to manually transcribe the data from the RAPID code into the station work object definition to get the work object to display correctly, but this is tedious and annoying. 

The Robotware version on the controller 5.15.9024.09 and the RobotStudio version is RobotStudio 2020.1.2 (64-bit) Version 20.1.9056.2 which explicitly states "Supports RobotWare 5.06 to 6.11.01 and 7.0 to 7.0.4".

My colleagues reported occasionally running into this error themselves and I have encountered it multiple times with different combinations of controllers & stations so at this point I'm guessing its a robot studio bug?

Thanks in advance, 

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