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Yumi tool calibration and load definition

Hello to all, first question, if we already have tooldata for smartgrippers why we have to do TCP definition? Also, when we do integrated vision calibration can we use predefined servo smaet gripper tooldata. And last, do we have to define tool load with smart grippers? Thanks.


  • FlorianKnecht
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    Dear pacijent,

    Why do you have to define the TCP?
    Predefined tooldatas can be used, but depending on how you mount a gripper/ which fingers are in use/ which vacuum suction you are using, the real tooldata will be different from the one that was predefined.

    Can we use predefined servo SmartGripper tooldata during integrated vision calibration?
    Yes, but as mentioned previously, this gets worse if the fingers/ vacuum suction differs from the default ones, as the wight/ mass main emphasis may changed through your physical configuration.

    Do we have to define tool load with SmartGripper?
    Yes! Generally, the loaddata represents the piece that your tool (tooldata) would have to handle. If you don't use correct loaddatas, this can lead to overshooting/ wrong movements/ it's bad for the Robot axis & in extreme cases the Robot will raise an error that the load was wrong defined.

    Best regards,
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  • Thanks a lot Florian, this was really helpful. 
  • You are welcome :)