robot rapid program encription.

Please let me know the procedure of encripting the Rapid code and how to decript the same.
Because in the site I'm facing lot of problem like some times customer used to modify the program and I can not put password for the system because customer don't want the it.

Please help me regarding this on urgent basis.


  • jmf
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    You can add attributes to the modules after the Module name.

    Sample : MODULE Customer (VIEWONLY) / (READONLY) etc

    (VIEWONLY) - Only View the Module but cannot be modified
    (READONLY) - Module cannot be modified but the attribute can be removed 
    (NOVIEW) - The module cannot be viewed but will be shown as it is executing. Can only be modified via RS

    VIEWONLY and READONLY would be your best bet if the customer does not have access or does not kno wto much about RS.

    See Rapid Overview will give you clear information on this.

  • AlexK
    AlexK ✭✭
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    You can also use the attribute "NOSTEPIN" which will work by not showing the code being executed.

    If you have a custom command called "DoSomethingCool;" it will show it executing the line "DoSomethingCool;" but it will not show the code from within "DoSomethingCool" rutine.

    There are also tools to encrypt rapid modules but I wouldn't reccomend it, as it becomes a hassle for anyone that comes after and actually need to change things.
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    Alexander Källberg
  • You take backups after you finish your work.  Use something like ultracompare to find what they have changed, and continue to charge them so long as they keep messing the program.  Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Lee Justice